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Our Mission

Record of Excellence

Since 1971, the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) has been the leading international authority in establishing high-quality standards in defined programs and certifying NEBB Certified Firms that perform their services with quality and integrity. This exceptional performance and credibility is substantiated by a Quality Assurance Program that ensures swift, single-source mediation and resolution of disputes between NEBB Certified Professionals and their customers.

FEBB Mission

The National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) is the international association dedicated to education and to accreditation of firms performing in defined programs. The mission of NEBB is to:

  • Establish industry standards, procedures and specifications for work in various disciplines related to environmental systems.
  • Set minimum educational standards and other requirements for the qualification of supervisory and technical personnel employed by firms which perform work in NEBB’s disciplines.
  • Establish an educational program of instruction, to train supervisory and technical personnel in the proper methods and procedures used in performing services in the various NEBB disciplines.
  • NEBB will make other educational material available to both NEBB firms and the HVAC industry.
  • Certify firms (“NEBB Certified Firms”) that meet the requirements established by NEBB for the performance of work in the various disciplines.
  • Qualify professionals(“NEBB Certified Professionals”) and technicians who have the technical skills and the integrity to ensure that work is performed to NEBB standards of performance. Once qualification is granted, it may be maintained by payment of appropriate annual fees and proof of required continuing education credit without regard to the current employment status of the professional.
  • Develop educational and technical materials pertinent to performing services in the various disciplines involving environmental systems.

NEBB currently certifies firms and qualifies professionals in the following disciplines:

  • Testing-Adjusting-Balancing Air and Hydronic Systems (TAB)
  • Sound and Vibration Measurement (S&V)
  • Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT)
  • Commissioning (Cx)
  • Fume Hood Testing (FHT)
  • Retro Commissions(RCx)
  • Building Enclosure Testing (BET)

As NEBB’s Florida Chapter, the Florida Environmental Balancing Bureau provides the important link between the National Headquarters and its firms and supervisors by:

  • Promoting and Maintaining NEBB objectives and standards.
  • Promoting the use of NEBB’s educational materials and programs for qualifying professionals.
  • Conducting periodic practical examinations of candidate professionals and technicians at NEBB approved facilities with NEBB approved examiners.
  • Conducting objective investigations and develop recommendations based upon the findings after receiving a written notice from NEBB relative to allegations of a firm ís noncompliance with the current NEBB Procedural Standards.
  • Receives, evaluates and processes applications from firms for certification or qualification.